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The Story of Li Hua


  The Story of Li Hua
  Last Friday, when my classmate Li Hua took a bus home from school, he saw that someone was eating an orange. To his surprise, that man just threw the peel on the ground after he had it.
  Without thinking twice, Li Hua picked up the orange peel and threw it into the dustbin directly. All of the process was taken photos and posted on the Internet by a passenger. As a result, our teacher knew his good behaviour and praised him because of what he did at the class meeting. Li Hua was very humble and said he just did what he should do. We were all impressed by his words.
  As far as I am concerned, the man who threw the orange peel around was not a good example, but luckily Li Hua set a good one for us. We are supposed to mind our behaviours and protect the environment around us all the time.