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2024年4月15日 星期一 上午 10:42

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How to learn together as a team


  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today my topic is "How to learn together as a team". It's very important for us to learn, think by ourselves. And it is also important for us to learn together as a team
  First, we must be friendly to others, whether beautiful or ugly, tall or short, kids or adults. We should help others when they are in trouble. For example, your classmates can't finish homework Your friend is becoming upset when he can't solve the problems between his parents and him. Here is no doubt that helping others is helping itself. In a team, anyone is helped and anyone helps others.
  Second, we are supposed to discuss. When we discuss, we either talk or listen. We have to talk
  clearly and we must listen carefully, so you can find where the mistakes will be and how you should correct them. After discussing, you are sure to get more.
  Third, in a team, it is very important to share. Many of us are only one or two from our families. We are used to thinking about ourselves. So we are loved more. Now it is time to learn to share with others; Share love and loved; share happiness and sadness and so on. Let’s grow up in sharing!
  In a word, we are like a family in a team. Let’s help each other, discuss happily and share little by little. Then we grow up.
  That’s all for my speech. Thank you!