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2022年9月29日 星期四 上午 9:01

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Thelaba eat dumplings


  Today is thelaba, heaven or waving little snowflake, the snow on the road by the pressure solid overnight-the, with dazzling ray of light, let pedestrians were careful to walk, a don't be careful will fall off and on. Noon dad drove to the school to meet me, fear of grandpa ride a car not safety, today at noon eat dumplings grandma, back home grandma has been done, and the on the warm dumplings, we feel good and happiness!

  First I count the dish a few your dumplings, 1, 2, 3, 4...... Ha ha, a total of 15, it seems that I also can eat, usually, mother always sorrow I eat is bad, in recent days I especially can eat, eat the last 15? Mom couldn't believe, because I used the most time is also eat six dumplings, don't forget I grow up