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Me in the mirror


  Me in the mirror
  Looking at myself in the mirror, I know I am an outgoing girl. I like to make friends and I'm always ready to help them. So I'm very popular in my school. But I have a big problem, I'm less interested in my lessons and I can t concentrate in class. In my spare time I spend too much time on computer games, so I don' t get good grades which make my parents disappointed.
  When I go to senior high school I hope to get along well with my classmates and try to make more friends. I hope we can help each other and learn from each other. I will make a good study resolution and try my best to go for it. I decide to have a healthier lifestyle. I'll spend more time on my schoolwork and develop good learning habits. I will concentrate more in class and finish my study tasks carefully. What's more, I will read more books and master good leaning methods. I hope to make great progress and make my parents proud of me.